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As restrictions begin to lift and your business starts to rebuild, we’ll help you communicate what’s important. This is our way of giving back.

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COVID-19 has impacted and hurt us all, and forced us to adapt our businesses to a “new normal”. Now, as restrictions begin to lift, a new world emerges. Just as we’ve learnt to cope and survive, we must now put new practices in place to serve this new world.

Complimentary, no strings attached 90 day access to help you get back on your feet

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With gCast you will be able to communicate with your customers easily keeping them informed of the hours you are open and promoting any special offers. Best of all - it’s so easy to use. No “digital guru” required!you communicate what’s important.

This is our way of giving back.

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Meet gCast

How We Can Help (without the cost)

  1. Everyone is being taught to provide their contact details when they visit or interact with businesses as part of our national recovery phase from COVID-19.
  2. Consumers, suppliers and staff all understand the restrictions your business may have in place, but are looking for better ways to receive this communication clearly.
  3. We’re giving you complimentary access to our toolset to help you easily inform, engage and retain with your audience as you focus on your business recovery.
  4. It’s fast, and simple to register your business and you can be sending professional-looking emails in no time.

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the tools you need to grow

The Evolve package gives you all the tools in gCast that will be essential in helping you communicate everything that you want your customers, suppliers and staff to know.


Email marketing is important to your business, and is still regarded as the most efficient way to communicate information to your customers.

When you first sign up, you’ll have access to pre-designed email templates to choose from with various editors. So you can focus on what’s more important like what you want to say.


For more concise and targeted communication (like urgent staff alerts or booking reminders), you can use the SMS tool.

Creating an SMS is just as easy as an email, and is a great way for you to get your information directly into the hands of the recipient and supplement your email campaign.


As we learn to navigate our business in this new world, wouldn't you like to know more about what you can change or improve?

Use the survey tool to find out what your customers are looking forward to, what your staff are concerned about, and how you can improve everyone's experience with your business.

Lorna Jane Testimonial

“If you are looking for an email platform and partner that truly understands retail and delivers exceptional service, look no further than the gCast team. I had the pleasure of working with them for over 6 years and was continually impressed with their willingness to always go over and above, their system innovations and how easy it was to use.”

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Absolutely nothing. If that’s what you want. However if you think you’ve found value in our toolset and you’re starting to get back on track, then we’d love it if you could chip-in a few dollars to say thanks. But, let’s talk more about that in 90 days. For now, it’s all about you!

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We’ll get your business up and running with gCast within a day, and show you the ropes on how easy it is to use and communicate like a pro.

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